Why Rizal's Life Is Worth Emulating?

Topics: Philippines, Learning, Complutense University of Madrid Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Joan E. Corpuz
BS. I.T-4

Learning is a daily process. We can learn a lot from our schools but there are things that we learn outside the four walls of our classrooms, and we can get those from our parents and from our environment. Learning doesn’t mean just mere studying our lessons but learning is the process of acquiring new information and storing it in our brains for future use for the betterment of ourselves and for others. Just like our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, he acquired first his knowledge inside their house. At 3 years old he knows already the alphabet and how to pray and to read the Holy Bible which is for an ordinary child of today, is very hard. At his early age he has already signs of being a genius, at the age of 5 he begin to make sketches and mould clays into objects, he also had his first poem and first dramatic work when he was 8 years old. I think having a very understanding and encouraging family was one of the reasons why Jose Rizal was very active making literary works and discovering new things that will make his family proud. Just to provide the education Jose Rizal needed, his parents hire a tutor and actually he has 3 tutors before he left Biñan to study to a formal school. Rizal was one of the luckiest children in the country in those years because his parents can finance his studies because studying was only for those Spaniards, mestizos and rich Filipinos at that time. When Rizal finished studying at Biñan, his father wanted Rizal to p-pursue his studies. So he took his college degree of Bachelor of Arts at Ateneo de Municipal and Rizal graduated with highest honor, which was only 16 years old. As I’ve said earlier only the Spaniards, mestizos and rich Filipinos have the privileged to study and Rizal having the highest honor was a great achievement because he defeated all his classmate that was a lot fluent than him in their Latin and Spanish subjects. Jose Rizal was still thirsty for knowledge so he still continues his...
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