Why Rhode Island Was the Most Democratic Colony

Topics: Massachusetts, Thirteen Colonies, Connecticut Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: November 25, 2012
“American” Essay

The original thirteen colonies, from groundbreaking Virginia, first settled in 1612, to the bountiful Carolinas originating in the year of 1670. In 1636, twenty four years after the formation of Virginia, the revolutionary Rhode Island came to be. Though settled three-hundred and seventy-six years ago, Rhode Island at that time, still holds similarities to what it means to be “American” today. America is synonymous with freedom, tolerance of those different, equality, and democracy. Rhode Island can be considered the most American of all thirteen original colonies, because it supported separatist government, practiced religious tolerance, and had a democracy from the start. Rhode Island may never have came to be, if not for Roger Williams. After being exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, for endorsement of a separatist movement, It was he who relocated to present day Rhode Island. At that time, Massachusetts, was a colony ruled by Puritans. These people were anti-separatists, which means that they did not believe in the separation of church and state. Any resident living in Massachusetts, regardless of Religious affiliation was required to pay taxes to the puritan church. The churches only problem was not the requirement of taxes, but also their efforts to control other aspects of the colonist’s lives. Massachusetts had a certain kind of feel to it, and the Puritans wanted to assure that it stay that way. Puritans felt threatened by any kind of act that did not fit perfectly with their view of what life should be like in their colony. For example, If two people were found to be showing any type of affection towards each other in public, they were fined. Puritans were against the practice of ceremonies, or any type of event containing music. They believed that music was an expression not pure enough for their way of life. Puritans refused to celebrate various holidays, such as Christmas. They also would not allow certain staples...
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