Why Renting in Today’s Economy Is Better Than Buying a House

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  • Published : June 11, 2011
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Why Renting in Today’s Economy is better than Buying a House Foreclosure crisis is at an all time high across most large metropolitan areas in the United States. Seattle- Tacoma- Bellevue metro area registered the sharpest annual increase, 71% or one in every 129 households received a foreclosure notice. California, Nevada, Florida, and Arizona remain the hotspots for foreclosure across the nation according to RealtyTrack Incorporated Rick Sharga a senior vice president at RealtyTrack quoted “The epidemic is spreading from the states at the ground zero of the foreclosure problems out into areas that had not been previously affected.” One of the latest signs that the foreclosure crisis is worsening across the nation is, high unemployment, slow job growth, and homeowners are uncertain about falling home prices.

Concerning housing, he or she has options. He or she has an option to rent and an option to buy. Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house both renting and buying has many advantages and disadvantages. By explaining these advantages and disadvantages, I will persuade him or her into renting over buying. While renting he or she can save money, instead of spending money.

“A survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the National Apartment Association in May 2010 found that 76% of those surveyed now believe that renting is a better option than buying in the current real estate market, up from 71% in 2008. Especially sobering was the fact that 78% of those surveyed were homeowners.” (Jurow, Ph.D., 2010).

Renting an apartment can be beneficial because it is not as expensive as a mortgage payment. When renting, he or she can find a similar size and quality apartment as a home, keeping your monthly cost lower. When renting an apartment, he or she does not have the stress of saving for a considerable down payment, as you do when you purchase a home. It allows you to save money to pay off some of your bills. If you like to move a lot, it...
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