Why Ray Allen Should Go to the Miami Heat

Topics: Boston Celtics, National Basketball Association, 2009 NBA Playoffs Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: July 16, 2012
Since the Miami Heat have won their second franchise championship there has been a lot of speculation on the next moves the organization as far as the who will be on next years roster. Ray Allen, a future hall of famer, is a highly sought after 3-point sharpshooter who is an unrestricted free agent. There has been much controversy in regards to what team will be a best fit for the 37-year-old veteran. According to a blogger on the Bleacher Report he feels that it would be sacrilegious and cowardly for Allen to leave the Boston Celtics to chase a title with the Miami Heat. The author states that if Allen were to stay in Boston with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo then it would help the original core together. He continues to state that the questionable anticipated addition of Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo add a much needed size and toughness to the middle and allow for flexibility. Apparently his only argument revolves around speculation and is clearly just a personal hope rather than what would be considered important for an NBA player. In most cases a player is valued based not only their numbers within a game during the regular season or post season but how many rings they actually have. Originally when Ray Allen left his former team, the Seattle Supersonics, his role was to be a starter to help Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce chase their own championship. This was the original blue print of what is now known as a “Big Three” in a basketball team. Now, due to his size and abilities, if he remains as a Boston Celtic he will be coming off the bench and this normally drops a player’s value as starters are considered for their quick abilities to lead the team. In a different insight if Allen were to sign with the Miami Heat, his salary would drop compared to what he would be offered if he were to sign with Boston however in a business where there are many different streams of income, it is suggested that whatever you lose, it is important for...
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