Why Pursue an Mba

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Why Pursue an MBA?
MGT 521
July 12, 2010
Samuel L. Cunningham

Why Pursue an MBA
“MBA is first choice of students after completing their graduation. It is popular not only in fresh graduates, but students from other disciplines like engineering or MCA after completing their main stream.” (Kapoor, K, 2009, Five Reasons Why You Should Pursue an MBA, para. 1). MBAs increase business knowledge, promote leadership skills and confidence, and put the person in a position for higher salaries and advancement opportunities. These are just a few reasons that I have chosen to “better” myself by pursuing an MBA. Discussion

After seven years of employment in my field of expertise expanding my business knowledge through pursuing an MBA will enable me to perform at a higher level at my current job.  My engineering degree from Texas A&M prepared me for the technical portion of my work.  I believe that what I will learn from an MBA will be valuable in achieving the knowledge I need to further my business skills. “People who complete an MBA graduate will have a good understanding of leadership, marketing principals, financial matter, and how to conduct international business” (www.GMATMBAHelp.com, 2010, papa. 5).

According to the Jungian Personality Type, I am ENFP, which is described as someone who are typically energetic and enthusiastic leaders that are likely to take charge when something new comes along. “An MBA teaches you leadership skills and prepares you for manager level positions in the real world” (Kapoor, K., 2009, Five Reasons Why You Should Pursue an MBA, Para. 2). When you are confidant in what you are doing then you tend to be a happier, healthier person. Getting your MBA and achieving that recognition that comes with such a high degree can boost your confidence by leaps and bounds.

“One of the major reasons why people choose to pursue an MBA is because it often allows graduates to earn a greater salary” (www.GMATMBAHelp.com, para. 3). “The...
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