Why Purse a Master’s Degree

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  • Published : September 15, 2008
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Why Purse a Master’s Degree

Due to the competitive marketing many are pursuing a higher education beyond their bachelor’s degree. My decision to purse a master’s degree has always been a personal goal, but with the change in the market I realized my bachelor’s degree would no longer be sufficient or marketable in a couple of years. Many would say that obtaining a master’s degree is only as valuable as how your current or future employer measures advanced education. There are many rewarding benefits of pursing a master’s whether for a personal goal, career change, or salary increase these are all convincing motives. This paper will explore the various motivations that resulted in my decision to purse a master’s degree. Initially a master’s degree will give me the added credentials needed to pursue a promotion or career change that I would not have been considered for with my current education level. The norm was that a company required you to have a bachelor’s degree to be considered as a candidate in the corporate world. This is no longer the case as employers are demanding candidates attain the life experience in conjunction with a master’s degree. Stronger economy and more company demands for management degrees have positively shifted the local and international market for candidates whom hold a MBA (Rebecca Kaplan (2008). “Demand for MBA on the Rise). This evidence confirms having a master’s degree significantly increases my marketability. Since only a small percentage of people in the United States have a master’s degree, holding one can put me ahead of the pack when competing for a job (“Jane Porter, (2006). “Forecast: MBA Hiring Up Again). Employers are leaning toward hiring more MBA candidates because they are looking for people with managerial and team experience (“Jane Porter, (2006). “Forecast: MBA Hiring Up Again). These facts indicates that companies value a higher education and are willing to provide more opportunities, greater...
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