Why Prussia Became the Leading State Within Germany by 1871

Topics: Prussia, German Empire, Otto von Bismarck Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: May 24, 2013
This essay will discuss about the reason why Prussia became the leading state within Germany by 1871. Prussia was a largest German state. Prussia is one of the reason why the German achieved their unification. Prussia was the natural leader among the German states and the process of unification that took place in the mid-19th century was a consequence of its earlier military, cultural and political achievements. After the negotiation of the Congress of Vienna, Prussia emerged as the major German power of Western Europe. Under William I and his Prime Minister and also imperial chancellor, Prince Otto Von Bismarck, Prussia reached the peak of its power. The first reason was because of Bismarck. Bismarck was a Prussian patriot and also a loyal supporter of the Prussian king. He was appointed as the Minister President in 1852 by the crown king, King William I. he hatred democracy and he wanted a constitutional government. He did no compromise with the liberals at all. He suppressed liberals by censoring the newspaper mean no freedom of speech or expression and he also imposed purges. Bismarck main aims was to defeat Austria, expelled Austria out of the German Empire and wanted to make German the most strongest states of Europe when it achieved its unification. He provoked the three victorious wars, The Schleswig-Holstein war, Austro-Prussian war and Franco Prussian war. In the Schleswig-Holstein war, Prussia takes the lead fighting against the Denmark. The Schleswig-Holstein war occurred because majority of the people living in Schleswig were the Danes and majority of the people living in Holstein were the Germans. Holstein and Ladenburg were members of the German Confederation and people living in Holstein wanted to break free from the Denmark control. The first war occurred on 24th March 1848. The Danish king tried to capture the Schleswig and Holstein but was opposed by Prussia because the Prussian considers themselves as the rightful master of the 2 duchies....
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