Why Politics Are Important

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  • Published : November 18, 2008
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General Essay: Topic 5


Thesis Statement: College students should be aware of politics beyond their campus because political events and people who hold high offices are entities that control the way we live.

Topic Sentences:

1. Students should especially keep abreast of political events because the economy is in bad shape and that could mean a loss of money for college students regarding financial aid or other miscellaneous expenses that college students have. 2. Recently the presidential election has been a hot topic of discussion that universities and college students have been an instrumental part of. 3. Political speeches often address the job market which should be important to a college student’s future.

Concluding Statement: An informed mind is always a better mind; political speeches and events present information that impacts everyone in some aspect of life.

The Importance of Politics

The college environment promotes education in what ever area you choose to study. However one are that everyone should have some knowledge on is politics. College students especially should pay close attention to the political events and news. Keeping abreast within this subject is important because it is up to the officers of this country who hold high office to control the conditions in which we live in. Whether that may mean higher taxes, lower gas prices, or a tighter immigration patrol, these are all issues that affect us in one way or another.

Politics are informants to society about the intertwined structures of political power within our country. The news and media play a strong force in today’s community because it is virtually everywhere. The presidential debates and elections were on every news channel which was available to watch even if you didn’t have cable. Due to the wide variety of media outlets there isn’t any reason why college students shouldn’t be able to access new political information. Television...
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