Why Political Parties Aren't Good for America

Topics: Political party, Democratic Party, Democratic-Republican Party Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: January 7, 2014

“The defining political fact of our time is the division of America (Greenberg).” This is how George Stephanopoulos, a television journalist and former political adviser, summarizes the reality of American politics. One reason for this is America’s two-party system. These parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. Some people believe they are good, but others see them as destructive and useless. Political parties are bad for the United States because they are limited and cause national division.

Political parties were first used in 1791, during George Washington’s second presidential term. Back then, there were two main political parties as well. One, the Federalist Party, was founded by Alexander Hamilton. The other, started by Thomas Jefferson, was the Democrat-Republican Party. These parties have changed and separated dramatically since George Washington’s death. By 1816, the Federalists had dissolved, and were ruled out by the Democrat-Republicans. Soon, this dominant party changed their name and some of their beliefs to what Democrats are today. Shortly after, Republicans (originally known as Whigs) were formed.

Today, Democrats and Republicans are the two main political parties in America. One fourth of U.S. voters aren’t identified with either of these parties, though. These people evaluate each candidate carefully, regardless of their party (Krasner).

There are some who believe that political parties are beneficial to America’s government. Parties train and nominate political leaders. Political parties unify people with similar views into factions. They advance citizens’ interests and help them understand politics (Political). Having only two parties simplifies voters’ choices. Political parties help make sense of American parties (Krasner), represent people’s views, and define specific concerns.

Political parties have many more things that are bad about them than good. They are mostly an organized attempt to obtain power; they are...
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