Why Playing Important Part for Development in Child

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At one time, play was what children did while their parents got on with the housework or needed a bit of rest in between chores. Nowadays, the saying that "play is the child's work" from child psychologists and educators has led parents to believe that play is something that has to be "worked at" for the success of their children. They seem to think that play must have a purpose, that it has to be time-tabled into their already over-crowded day, or else they did feel guilty for being a 'bad mother' or an 'uncaring father.' That just kicking a ball around in fun is not good enough any more, they may be selling their children short if they do not give them 'play with a purpose'.

Playing with your child should be as natural as leaves to a tree. The parents are a child's first playmates. They are introduced to the joy of being with each other in an atmosphere of joyful sharing and enjoyment of each other. To a child, any activity that she enjoys is play. It is her way of preparing herself to appreciate and learn about the world around her. Through play, a child learns about space, about color and sound, textures and smells.

By playing with others, she learns to live with her fellow-people and to develop confidence in her ability to think creatively. Often we meet children who have grown up in isolation, who have not learned to play or interact with their peers. They find it difficult to become part of the human race, to enjoy the camaraderie of friendship.

It is important for working mother to remember that play does not mean having to throw a ball across a field or dress dolls with your child. Play is an attitude of mind. It is an attitude of the child that says, 'Hey, this is fun!" whether it be playing with a high-powered radio-controlled car with her father or kneading dough for cookies with her mother. It is an attitude of the parent which can say "I enjoy being with my child and doing things with her".

In addition, play is not necessarily the...
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