Why Pfizer Should Hire Me

Topics: Learning, Biology, Knowledge Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: August 14, 2008
Why Pfizer should Hire Me:

In the early chapters of my life, I excelled in competitive cheerleading. This is where I learned the importance of teamwork, dedication, hard work and leadership. For eleven years I attended four to five practices a week to work on routines until they were perfect. At that early age, these characteristics were the foundation for my work ethic.

My whole life has been focused on leading others to success. I have been a leader in every aspect of my life and confidently believe when given the opportunity I will effectively grow the given territory above and beyond its expectations. I will offer you positive performance, results, and reach the goals and objectives Pfizer strives to achieve.

My positive contribution to Pfizer would be my ambition, drive, creativity, organization, energy, attention to detail, and the desire to succeed. It is in my blood to do what it takes to get the job done. I will strive to assist Pfizer to achieve its mission to become the world’s most valued company.

My ambition, qualities and characteristics, set me apart from the rest. I am educated on content such as Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology as well as knowledgeable in Business Marketing. This combination gives me a solid foundation to succeed and contribute positive results and outcomes. My foundation has prepared me for the intense training this position requires.

I will bring a level of commitment for success that is superior. I posses the ability to think outside the box, bring order to chaos, a good sense of humor and judgment, exceptional personal skills, and the ability to multi-task. Most important I bring integrity, knowledge, and passion all of which I will apply daily in my position with Pfizer.

True selling is actually a wonderful process of learning about others and listening for an opportunity to serve through what you offer. My passion is to become a part of the healing community. It is my dream...
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