Why Personal Wellness Is Important

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Why is Personal Wellness Important?

Personal wellness is one of the most important pieces to the “being successful in school” puzzle. The healthier a person is, the greater their chance of reaching their full potential is. Personal wellness consists of two key parts that are both equally important. These two parts are physical health and mental health. Physical health and mental health each play a vital role in personal wellness.

Maintaining proper physical health requires five steps. The five steps to maintaining your physical health are: eating right, exercising, making sure you get enough sleep, checking your immunizations, and staying safe.

Eating right is important because it can lead to an overall improved quality of life. When a person eats healthier food, it is said that they have more energy and are in better general health. If people don’t watch what they eat, they can become obese; which means they have excessive body fat in relation to their lean body mass.

Exercising helps to enhance your general health, increase your energy levels, and help you cope with stress. There are three general categories of exercise that will aid you in maintaining a healthy body. The first type of exercise is cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular training strengthens your lung capacity and your heart. The simplest form of this training is running.

The second type of training is strength training. This type of training is used to do exactly what is says, strengthen your muscles. Easy ways to strength train are push-ups and sit-ups. Neither of those two requires weights so they can be done virtually anywhere.

The third type of training is flexibility training. Flexibility training helps you become more flexible. An easy way to do this is to stretch your muscles.
It is very hard to do well in school if you can’t stay awake or pay attention in class. That is why the third step in maintaining physical health, which is getting enough sleep, is important....
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