Why People Use the Drugs

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why people use the drugs
nowadays we can see and hear daily from the news about the drugs which people use in different way all we can hear is a nagtive bad news. why people use the drugs ? people use the drugs in diffenet proups . we divide the people using a drugs into three terms of social, pyscolgycial and Addicted. Why people use the drugs ? in term of social there are many reasons make people use drugs at first teengers they would like to try drugs because its illegal also by infounce from the bad friends second people who has a social problem they would like to use drugs to froget their social problems for example a person who get divorced and faired from his or her job or a person who get financial problems they want to forget and get their minds off they will difentaly use drugs. Also the students nowadys they use a kind of drugs which give them the energy to study as the news said these are the reasons that makes people use drugs in term of social . In term of physcological when people are using drugs or they are in bad satution, they use drugs with ignoring the disadvantages that will appear after they use the drugs in term of their health and minds.for example when the person find his need from drugs whatever the need is they ignor or in other word they forget or blind of how this drugs going to effect in his life even they are having a good knowledage about the drugs effects . that’s why the people who use the drugs are blinds according to the physcolgical view . Addicted people they use drugs most of the time because the become already addicted on drugs some of them who has money and the ability to have the drugs all the time they will never think of getting treatment but for the people who does not have the drugs all the time they feel gulity to their selfs and they seriously think of gettting treatment and they will never come back to use the drugs agin when the people become addicted on drugs they can do any thing to get some drugs...
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