Why People Use Steroids, Pros and Cons, and a Short History

Topics: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Androgen Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Sometimes I just feel so small, and I think that my workouts are not giving me any great results and I think “What would I have to do to get big like Ronnie Coleman or Arnold or any professional body builders?” A lot of men of all ages, especially college age, want to gain muscle and be in good shape. Some of these men are even willing to take drastic measures by putting their health at risk and even their freedom. They put these things at risk by using steroids. Many people might not even know exactly what steroids are, the history of steroids, and how they can be administered. We all know the pros of taking steroids but I will reiterate those, along with a view of the negative side affects and consequences of taking steroids. But to understand more about steroids and the people that use them, I will also discuss why people use them, and talk with a few of my friends who have used them. So now it is time to learn a lot about the world of steroids, first by actually learning what steroids are.

In the 19th century, experiments provided evidence that showed a hormone in the testes was the reason for puberty changes. This hormone was named Testosterone, and in the 1930's it was “discovered, isolated and later synthesized.” With the synthesizing of this testosterone we created what we now know as Anabolic Steroids. After the synthesized testosterone became more developed, some discovered other purposes besides speeding up puberty. Some of these purposes were “increase of aggression in Nazi soldiers, elite-level athletics in the 1950's, and the very specific production for weightlifting athletes.” So actually the first steroids were invented in Germany during World War 2, and the two Germans who did all the studies etc were offered a Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work, but the Nazi government made them decline the offer, which they later accepted after WW2. Since anabolic steroids were discovered in Germany during WW2 they were obviously the first people to use them, and it is widely believed that they used them on Nazi soldiers to increase aggression and stamina. It is also believed that Hitler was injected with testosterone derivatives to help some of the ailments he was faced with, and they conducted experiments on inmates at the Nazi concentration camps, and steroids were later used by allies to treat malnourished victims that survived the concentration camps(Wiki). So after WW2, the Soviet Union and some other European countries pursued the development of anabolic steroids to produce better athletes for the olympics during the 1940's, and the United States' only way to combat that was to use them here also. Therefore in 1958 the anabolic steroid, Dianabol, was approved by the FDA. But, Dianabol was later banned in 1976 due to high numbers of atrophied testes and enlarged prostates. Now that we know a little about the history lets go a little bit into the definition.

Many people think steroids are just a drug people can take to make their muscles bigger. While that has some truth to it, that is not really what steroids are. According to medterms.com a steroid is a “general class of chemical substances that are structurally related to one another and share the same chemical skeleton”. This website also goes onto say that “many hormones, body constituents, and drugs are steroids”, also that some drugs used to reduce swelling, pain, and some other symptoms of inflammation and Vitamin D are actually steroids. So that means anyone who takes vitamin D,essential nutrient, supplements are actually taking steroids. Testosterone and its derivatives are also steroids, but the difference between testosterone and the other type of steroids is the effect that they have on the body. Testosterone and its derivatives have anabolic effects “that can be used medically or illicitly to build up muscle mass. These are called anabolic androgenic steroids. Not a lot of people know what these things mean...
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