Why People Shouldn't Smoke

Topics: Smoking, Passive smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Why People Shouldn’t Smoke

People should not smoke because it is damaging to the one smoking, the people around them, the smoker’s social life, and the environment. Smoking is very dangerous to your health. It can cause many horrible and deathly diseases such as lung cancer, and many other types of cancers as well. Smoking also causes you to become very dependent on it, so you basically cannot live without it, unless you quit for good. If you stop smoking for a while, or can’t smoke for a while (example: on an airplane, in a restaurant, on public transportation, etc.), you can suffer from terrible withdrawal. When you smoke, you usually use a lighter to light the cigarette. That can cause an uncomfortable pain in your thumb from flicking it too much if you are a regular smoker. Smoking risks a smoker’s health as well as the health of people around them. Second hand smoke is harmful to anyone who breathes it in, especially people who are pregnant and asthmatics. It can cause coughing, sneezing and can increase the risk of cancer. Smoking is very hazardous to smokers, and people around them.

Not only is smoking unhealthy, it can also ruin your social life. People who smoke in public can make others around them feel uneasy, and even scared. This well cause people to think of you in a negative way. Being a person who smokes can also make you antisocial. You might have the urge to go smoke during a party, while with friends, or with your family. This will cause you to spend a lot of time being alone, away from everyone so you can fulfill your craving to smoke. Eventually, you will not have friends any more. Either because of your constant leaving, or because your friends do not like your awful habit. Your family may start distancing themselves from you as well. Another way smoking can ruin your social life is that you might start hanging out with the wrong type of people. This can give you a bad reputation and people won’t want to become friends with you....
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