Why People Seek Higher Education

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Why People seek higher Education

History has shown that education help people get out of poverty. This is true for many countries where higher educators are highly valued. Education also promotes pride especially for parents, it is a way of showing faces with relatives, friends and neighbors, but more importantly an education builds wealth, gets promoted and self-esteem. One reason for seeking higher education is building a wealth. For example, I came from poor family. My father always said to my siblings and I many years ago that we should study hard and get a degree when we do not want to be poor like him. In Vietnam and other many countries people cannot find a good job with a high school degree. In addition, people who have worked in a factory for five years make about $12 per hour. They want to make more money to have a comfortable life, so they need to seek higher education. We can see a lot of people are taking classes at Colleges while they are working. They take night, online, weekend classes. Seeking higher education is not easy. It takes time, effort and money, but they know that it is the way they can get a better job and better salary. Another reason for seeking higher education is promotion. Most people do not want to stay in the same position. They always want to move up in the world and a higher education will get them noticed when a position opens up. For example, in the company people who have higher education usually get promotion. Some companies offer a tuition reimbursement plan. They also encourage their employees to seek higher education. It is worth for employer and their employees. One more reason for seeking higher education is self-esteem. Some people have had good jobs or do not go to work any more still seeking higher education because they feel good when they can learn something new. For instance, we see old people in their 60’s and 70’s go to colleges. They want to learn about things that interest them, or to get the feeling of...
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