Why People Join Gangs

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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A gang is a group of people that form a organization and assemble trust within each other. In the early usage gang use to refer to workmen but now gang refers to a group of criminals. There are many reasons why people join gangs. One of the most common reasons why people join gangs is a sense of acceptance. It gives the person a sense of family or identity. Teenagers are in the process of developing their own life. These gangs can offer the teen a sense of purpose, belonging and way of life.

The leader of the group is looked upon as a leader or a parental figure. The other members are seen as family members. This doesn't mean that only people with families torn apart join gangs, but occasionally if a individual sees his or her parents fighting or doesnt show them enough love may want to start looking for another family elsewhere. Their emotional state now makes them easy targets for gang members.

Some other reasons why people join gangs are to make money, curiosity, and peer pressure. An individual who may want to join a gang may have financial problems. A person not working can be desperate for money and would want to join a gang to perform illegal activities such as selling drugs. Younger kids may deliver packages containing drugs or illegal merchandise and also all the older kids who know the risk might be tempted to do it because all the money involved. Making easy money is one of the most dangerous aspects of gangs. In some cases, a person would join a gang out of curiosity. A person would just want to be in a gang to find out how it feels and how their life would be different.

A teenager can become pressured by other gang members or friends to join a gang. An adolescent would join the gang because they would like to be accepted by their peers. Teenagers would join a gang through a form of peer pressure, another would join the gang to prove to their peers that they are not afraid. Some kids join these groups because it gives them...
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