Why People Find It Easier to Do Evil Than Good by Jackson D. Ngumbi- Mzuzu University-Malawi

Topics: Good and evil, Evil, Human Pages: 6 (2166 words) Published: August 16, 2012

To: Mr. F. Kudzula

From: Ngumbi Jackson D.

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Course title: Ethics & Moral Studies

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Assignment number: One

Task: Why do people find it easier to do evil than good?

Due date: 06th August, 2012.
In human life there are two things that may identify the human beings. Some of these things are whether the human beings do evil or good. In this case some people may find it easier to do evil than good. Before looking at the reason s why people find it easy to do evil than good it is important to define first these two terms. The term good may be defined in different ways by different scholars. One of the notable philosophers, Aristotle, in Joe Jerkings’s Ethics & Religion defined good as, something that fulfils its own particular function. Sometimes good things may be defined as things that are regarded to be positive to someone or the society. Scholars have described good as things which are associated with life, love prosperity, charity, happiness, and justice which are supposed to be done. Another British philosopher, G. E. Moore in Joe Jerkings’s book argues that “the notion of moral goodness cannot be defined or identified with any property”. In his argument he says that, goodness is a foundational and analysable property similar to the foundational of yellowness. This means that, Philosophers who attempt to define intrinsic goodness is a naturalistic fallacy. On the other hand, Evil is typically associated with conscious and deliberate wrong doing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish to harm their psychological needs dignity, destructiveness and an act of unnecessary and or discriminate violence that are not legitimate acts of self-defense aggressive and designed to cause ill-being to others. The issue of evil and god is more philosophical hence requires to dealt with philosophically. The term evil in a philosophical point of view refers to as something which produces unhappiness, misfortune, harm, wickedness or depravity. People do evil because it has easy path, is simple, to fulfill desires, sometimes it is God’s command, happiness and pleasure, free will and too much power in leaders. This essay discusses these reasons in details. To begin with, people find it easier to do evil than good because evil has the easy path than good. This simply means that people may choose to do evil just because through the use of the evil people may easily get what they need within a small period of time. Good is regarded as something to do with love, life and obedience. For one to be successful whatever he or she is doing may either use the good way or the evil way of doing things. Human beings are always needed to be success and most of the times when one use the easy path to do a particular thing he or she fails to success then goes for the evil way. For example, from day to day experience, most workers who work in shops may use the evil way to get the things that they want and for them to achieve this, they steal some goods from the shops and sell out side. By doing this they easily get the moneys they want. They may not use the right procedures to get the things or money. When one is using the good when he or she want to get may need, will have to follow the right procedures and this may either be fulfilled or may not be achieved because it is time consuming hence people may opt for the evil way than the good one. Apart from finding evil as the easy path, Evil is simple to do than good. This means that people may find it easier to turn into doing evil because good is hard to be achieved. It is hard to do good because this need to follow some procedures when one wants to achieve something. The reason for doing this is that of human minds are weak. Some philosophers...
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