Why Pennsylvania Is the Best Colony During the Colonial Period

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Dear Ronald,

Greetings from Quaker Pennsylvania! Truly the best place to settle in these changing and unfamiliar times. Life seems more practical here. A community founded on egalitarian beliefs that grants all with the same respect and political status. All are granted the right to participate within the government. This includes voting and presenting new laws/changes to the colony. As well, women have equal rights to men and we don’t believe in enslaving others. This demonstrates our ideology that no man is better than the other and that we truly are all equal. There isn’t a dominant religion here in Quaker Pennsylvania. All our welcome to freely practice their own faith. However, we collectively agree that war is unjustifiable and that they’re our better ways to solve problems within our colony. In conclusion, we are an accepting, equal and united community that would definitely be a great fit for you and your family. If you’re thinking of exploring other colonies, I suggest you put your search to a halt. The other options have some setbacks that easily make Quaker Pennsylvania a better place to settle. Puritan Massachusetts may be the first British colony established, however, there are many flaws. There is constant tension between the Puritans and the First Nations, which makes it an unsafe place to live. As well, there are factors such as lack of food and harsh winters that make’s day-to-day life fairly difficult. Therefore, Puritan Massachusetts isn’t a great choice. Were you considering Virginia? I would revaluate that decision. Health conditions are very poor due to the various insects carrying harmful diseases. Also, similarly to Puritan Massachusetts, the settlers in Virginia have hostile relations with the Nations. Plus, their community is hierarchic and doesn’t provide all with the same opportunities and rights. Overall, Virginia is not the safest or fairest place to relocate. You might have heard of the Carolina colonies. But I advise you to...