Why Parenting Is More Important That School

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Why Parenting Is More Important Than Schools

According to Annie Murphy Paul and the studies done by the University Of California-Irvine, North Carolina State University, and Brigham University, parental involvement in their children’s academic life such as checking homework, attending school meetings and events, discussing school activities at home has a more powerful influence on students’ academic performance than anything about the school the students attend. Research also reveals something else: the parents, of all backgrounds, don’t need to buy expensive educational toys or digital devices for their kids in order to give them an edge. Engaging in this reciprocal back-and- forth gives children a chance to try out language for themselves, and also gives them a sense that their thoughts and opinion matter. All parents need to do is talk. My position on this issue presented by Annie Murphy Paul is one of agreement. I concur that talking to your children and engaging in their academic life can have a positive effect in their school performance. All the research that were mentioned in Paul’s article reinforced and supported the claim that students perform better or are more interested in their school work if their parents are involved and show interest in their school activities. As the article mentioned, background and digital devices are not a guarantee for good grades; neither are paying for an expensive private school or tutoring. What it comes down to is interaction, talking. I believe this to be true. When a child sees their parents’ involvement in their academia they feel a sense of importance. In my line of work I come across children and parents who come from a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes I see children and the amount of involvement that their parents play in their academic growth show through the amount of information that the child is able to retain. The multiracial children that I’ve come across who have difficulty reading and writing have...
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