Why Organizations Should Implement Flexible Work Hours.

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Why Organizations Should Implement Flexible Work Hours.
In today’s fast-paced competitive world, flexible work arrangements are a key component to ensure employee commitment. Flexible work arrangements ensure that employers have a flexible work force i.e. there is availability of sufficient labor to meet the workload at all times. Transforming practices in the work place so that it suits employee needs better, is extremely crucial in ensuring employee satisfaction and commitment. Flexible work hours, telecommuting, compressed work weeks etc. are examples of flexible work arrangements. We would be concentrating on implementing flexible work hours at our work place. Flexible work hours also known as flextime is a work schedule that allows employees a certain degree of freedom with regard to the time that they want to work in the organization. Under a flexible work arrangement there is a core period of the day during which employees are expected to be in the office (for example 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), while the rest of the working day is ‘flextime’. During ‘flextime’ employees can choose the time when they want to work with the primary objective of achieving a certain amount of total daily, weekly or monthly work hours expected by the employer. (Flextime) The most common flexible hours arrangement are flextime, compressed work weeks (which is basically something like having four 10-hour days or having 9 working days in a fortnight), part-time work and job sharing (a form of part time work having two people doing the same job but sharing the work, the hours and the salary) (Workplaces that Work) NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited is one of the companies that have successfully implemented flexible work hours in their organization. 20 percent of their workforce is using this arrangement. Another example of a company successfully implementing flexible work hours is Abacus International Private Ltd. (Flexible Work Arrangements) Advantages and disadvantages of implementing flexible work hours Implementing flexible work hour schemes has a lot of benefits: -By choosing a suitable time slot employees can avoid commuting to work during rush hours thus enabling them to save and have a better control over time. -Employees benefit due to better work-life balance and this improves their morale and job satisfaction thereby improving their productivity. -Allows the employer to schedule work out of the conventional 9 to 5 period. -Employee turnover reduces

-As the employees are allowed a certain degree of freedom it is less likely for them to leave the job. Such an arrangement allows the employers to keep their valued staff members who may have other commitments in life. -Continuity in work flow is not affected

-Employers also may require smaller office spaces and lesser furniture and equipment because all employees are not present in the office at all time, thereby ensuring optimum utilization of resources. -Such a system reduces overload of work and allows people to work during the time when they feel they can accomplish the most (for example: a morning person can work during the day and a night person can work during the late evening). -Improves image of the employer and the organization and increases willingness to work. The employee turnover rate in NTUC Income has reduced by 6% over a period of 7 years from 1992 to 1999 after implementing flexible work hours. Abacus International reported reduction in employee turnover and higher job satisfaction after introducing flexible work hour schemes in 1998. The schemes did not affect deadlines and ensured better work-life balance. (Flexible Work Arrangements) There are few disadvantages of this system also:

-The costs of having flexible working hours involve having the cost of administering the scheme. The cost of electricity will be higher when flexible working hours are implemented as the office premises. -It may not be suitable for those organizations where...
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