Why Organisations Need Data

Topics: Human resources, Data, Employment Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: May 12, 2012
One reason organisations need data

Organisations need data as a point of reference or to be able to retrieve information whenever it is needed. For example each organisation has to keep accurate records or information of their employees in order to be able to use this information for planning ahead for the business. Also accurate records of employees are kept in order to help the organisation make precise decisions whenever queries arise in relation to each employee on a case by case basis.

Organisations also need data as a legal requirement. For instance in order to be able to make accurate tax returns to the government then the organisation will need to store certain data for each employee. Also for payroll purposes personal details of employees need to be kept. Other reasons organisations keep data is to make it available to employees such information like the organisation structure, company policy and the HR Handbook which is may be useful as a point of reference for employees as well.

Types of data to be collected.

1. Sickness Records: This type of data/report may be collected periodically (monthly or quarterly) and compared or analysed against each employee’s attendance records. This helps the human resources to manage the attendance record of the organisation accurately and inform line managers of the constant attendance offenders in order to discourage further occurrences or for long term sicknesses that need the company’s support.

2. Another type of data that may be useful for the human resources department of an organisation is the contact details for each employee especially home addresses. This is essential if a correspondence needs to be sent out to each employee, such as contracts, payslips, pensions or leave information. It is important for each employee to receive the appropriate communication and not to be ignored.

One method of storing data is electronically. This is the method of inputting data or information...
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