Why Obama Won the 2008 Election

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Why did Obama win the 2008 election and Kerry lose the 2005 election PEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama was thrown into the Presidential race almost 4 years before the election; at the start of George W. Bush’s 2nd term. His charisma and intelligence became apparent after the famous speech made at the 2004 Democrat Convention in Illinois; propelling him into the candidacy. Witnesses at the event, described his speech as “one of the great convention speeches of all time”[1], “something truly, truly, truly special…to be monumentally proud of”[2]. The recognition in political circles to follow, so early before the primaries arguably gave Obama an advantage over his opponents; chiefly, Hillary Clinton. Whereas Clinton represented ‘Old politics’ Obama detached himself from this and brought a new found sense of originality and freshness to his party. The Democrat candidate in 2004, Senator John Kerry however failed to project the prospect of change which was markedly needed after the declaration of the war on terror. Bush took the opportunity to demonstrate strong leadership, his approval ratings reaching 70% after Suddam Hussein’s downfall in 2003[3].Kerry, unlike Obama in his prospective candidacy failed to distance himself from Bush and the Republican party which, coupled with their political success proved to be to his detriment r example, evidence suggesting the necessity for envisaging and pitching change in the run up to the Presidency is, the number one answer in the question ‘Which quality matters most in deciding how to vote for president?’ was ‘bringing about needed change’, reaching 34% in 2008. Of these, 89% voted for Obama in the election. Clinton, on the other hand represented traditional politics, exemplified by her claim for experience over change for example in Wisconsin where she boasted her service to the Armed Services Committee and visitation to over 80 countries[4]. Similarly, Kerry offered little inspiration and ideological...
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