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Topics: Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing, Health care Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: January 15, 2013
I chose the Masters in nursing degree because it has always been my dream to tap into emerging fields in healthcare delivery and to be on the forefront of a campaign that is geared towards ensuring that individuals with health needs are well-attended to within the acceptable standards and ethics that bind and govern the practice of patient-care. In light of these and other inherent desires of mine, to be of help to people in society, I am of the opinion that the Clinical Nursing Leader course when pursued at the Masters level, places me on the way to achieving my (complete sentence) ?

  This dream of mine took root when I had to cater for a nephew who suffers from autism. This situation brought me to the grim realization that the practice of dealing with and caring for special-needs individuals requires a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses the expertise of all individuals involved but principally placing the health of the patient in to the right well-trained hands.

I believe an MS in the Clinical Health Leader program will prepare me for the dynamic nature of today’s healthcare industry. Being a generalist? course, it will not only afford me the needed business knowledge, but also groom me up to face challenging real-life situations that may come my way. Leadership training as well as good social networking are some additional reasons why I wish to pursue this program.      In my opinion, a successful person is one that is well- rounded. Hence, I am actively involved in community activities (are you really?). Giving back to the community  is of primary importance to me .On weekends, I engage in church activities including member visitations, church cleaning, hospital visitations, as well as Sunday service ushering.. I am also an active member of the Rotary Club. All of these activities re-enforce my skills in working in and leading a group, skills which are also valuable in my role as a clinical nurse leader.

 This degree is also resonant...
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