Why Not to Use Plastic Bags

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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As everyone knows, the humble plastic bag has become an integral part of our lives... In fact.. the plastic bag has become so common that we hardly notice their presence. Yet if you look around you.. you will notice that we are all in a swamp.... of plastic bags. They are everywhere. We use them to pack clothes, shoes, pens, tools, video games.. even fruits and vegetables. They are light weight, high strength, very flexible and come at a relatively low cost. Well All of this might sound wonderful. The plastic bag is an agent of air pollution, cancer and even some skin diseases. People who use these bags... have made it into an environmental menace... which has made many of our world's clean and glimmering metropolises into a... pile of garbage. Did you know... they are a slow poison in our daily life? When you use plastic bag do you know how they are made? If you don't lend me your ears... Many of the plastic bags at the super market are made through recycled plastic; this means the old plastic is burnt at high temperatures and melted down. For this process ... a large number of hazardous chemicals are used.. which makes them a severe health hazard. When you use a plastic bag you could be responsible for giving your family members cancer, now your all wondering how this has come to be. When plastic bags and other plastic materials are burnt below 7,000 degrees they produce gasses which can lead to skin disease and some forms of cancer. Also when you bring your family products wrapped in polythene like fish, meat and vegetables they get can get infected by anaerobic bacteria, which is a germ responsible for skin cancer. Before you go ahead and throw away a plastic bag consider these true facts. Plastic bags end up in landfill. The bags are made of polymers and they are non- bio degradable (this means they cannot be broken down by the earth).Now you will ask why can't we just remove the polymers from the bag well the simple answer is.. Polymers are the same...
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