Why Not to Date

Topics: Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Love Pages: 4 (1603 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Rachel Legaspi
English 1301
Ed Luter
“Why are Most Asian Kids Not Allowed to Date until They Graduate from College?” “No, you cannot date. Not until you graduate from college.” Those words could be the worst thing that most Asian children will ever hear. It is almost common for an Asian household to implement this rule on their kids, especially with their daughters. Nine out of ten of my Asian friends are being asked to finish school first before they get to be in a relationship. It is almost as if a Bachelor’s degree is a ticket to falling in love “legally”. Asians are known for keeping the sanctity of marriage a lot. They’re also known for strictly keeping the traditions in the present generations and the future ones. The most kept tradition is when parents make themselves too involved in their daughter or son’s love life. For example, Indians aren’t allowed to choose their partner by their own will. The parents search for a potential spouse for their child. It is usually the mothers who look for them and once they find them, they start to negotiate or settle an arrangement with the other family. When the agreement is made, the next step is to introduce the couple-to-be to each other and start the engagement. The next are the Koreans, they are bit different from the Indians. Korean mothers set up blind dates for their children. They usually go to a matchmaker to get the dates they want to set up with their child. The dating will go on until the perfect person comes along. These traditions are still being kept until now and they usually occur when they believe that their child is physically, mentally, and emotionally equipped for such a big commitment. Which what most parents consider when their children graduate from college. Most of us would think it is absurd and unfair, but it is what a lot of Asian kids go through. Now the question is: why do Asian parents make themselves so involved in finding their child’s soul mate? Why would they have to put such...
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