Why Not to Be Late to Class

Topics: Teacher, Education, Future Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: July 22, 2012
There are serveral reason why one should not be late to class. One reason would be that if you are late to class you are then behind in maybe an assignment your teacher has given and she would have to go over it again with you which shows irresponsibility which is not very good for you and your school record. Learning to be on time to class helps you in the future when you plan to get a job and if you don't learn to master this it could cost you in loosing your job because have it for sure that your boss will not tolerate a late employee. Being on time to class may seem difficult but if you really know how to manage your time in the morning or in between class periods you will find yourself having absolutley no problem getting to class on time. If you are having difficulties in the morning, one day you can time yourself to see how much time you use up to get yourself ready. That way you know what time to get up so you have enough time to do whatever it is in morning without having to rush and end up once again being late. And this way you could even have time to chat with friends before class and show your teachers you really care about your education. You could also take some time the night before going to school to find the things you will need the next morning that way you don't waste time looking for lost shoes or a comb. Also something that I do personally is change the time on my clock ten minutes forward that way you trick yourself into believing it is later than it really is, it works trust me.
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