Why Not Globalization?

Topics: Multinational corporation, Globalization, Corporation Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: June 19, 2011

In the article “Why Not Globalization (Johan NORBERG . The Spactator . February 2004)” the author claims that a multinational job means prosperity, not exploitation for the Third World workers like Tsi-Chi.According the author multinational compaines raise the life and working quailties of workers by paying much more money then they did before and providing better conditions for their workers and because of these benefits of globalization anticapitalists should stop standing against globalization.The author supports his ideas with some examples that he choose from a certain area and certain facts. I agree with Johan NORBERG’s idea that globalization has some positive effects on especially under-developed countries. However, I find his argument quite shallow as he mainly focuses on only one company, NIKE , and not efficient for the entire of the world.

The writer asserts that as a result of globalization multinational companies raise the life and working qualities of workers. In my opinion globalization has some positive effects on under-developed conuntries. Firstly , workers of multinational make much more money then they did before. These workers earn about two times more than the workers who work for state-owned enterprises.Secondly, workers do not have to work much harder. Acoording an interview with Tsi-Chi ,one of NIKE’s workers in Vietnam ,”the most important thing,she says, is that she doesn’t have to work work on a farm any more, which involves working ten to 14 hours a day in the burning sun or intense rain, in rice fields with water up to your ankles and inscets in your face.(prg.8 ,line 4)”. Furthermore, multinational companies provide better conditions for their workers like regular , free or subsidizied meals, free medical clinics and education.These conditions make people to feel like their company takes care of them which they didn’t feel at state-owned enterprises and makes the workers feels owe the...
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