Why Nokia Handsets Are Preferred over Other Handsets?

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Project Report
“Why Nokia Handsets are preferred over other Handsets?”

Research Methodology

Primary Objective(s)
Our objectives behind doing this project was to know,
1. Why customers prefer Nokia over other Brands?
2. The areas in which Nokia performs better?
3. How the Brand Nokia effect the consumers Psychology?
4. Strategies to be adapted by Nokia to be the to keep their market base? 5. To analyze the brand NOKIA acceptability by the customers.

Primary Hypothesis - The customers prefer Nokia phone over any other phone due to its range of products, Availability, durability and user friendliness. Secondary Hypothesis - Strategies adopted by Nokia to be the to keep their market base and how the Brand Nokia effect the consumers Psychology. Research Design

Research design constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data. It aids the researcher in the allocation of limited resources by posing crucial choices in methodology. A Questionnaire was framed by the group members to conduct the research.

Techniques used in our research : Primary research design techniques

Primary research design:
Why customers prefer Nokia over other Brands and to analyze the brand NOKIA acceptability by the customers.


1. Surveys
2. Questionnaires
1. Observation
2. Indirect observation (archives)

The basic idea behind sampling is that by selecting some of the elements in the population, we may draw conclusion about the entire population. Sampling may be defined as the selection of some part of an aggregate or totality on the basis of which a judgment or interface about the aggregate or totality is made. In this research we used simple random probability to obtain a sample of 32 respondents. The respondents were asked 10 questions pertaining to their preference for the product. Then out of the total target population, a sample size using probability sampling was obtained. Probability sampling is a controlled procedure which ensures that each population element is given a known non zero chance of selection.

We used different methodology while doing our survey. Firstly we collected PRIMARY DATA. Our sample size was 32. We collected the data’s through a Questionnaire we designed. The questionnaire was structured and non- disguised. We also prepared interview schedule and mailed some questionnaire. We collected all the data’s from the field directly. The sample size of our survey was a heterogonous mix which comprised of different age group, occupations, income level etc. We used cluster sampling and also random sampling. Since the population is large we went for cluster sampling. Moreover it saves time and cost. To minimize the chances of biasness we used random sampling technique. We divided the population into different clusters according to different characteristics like age group, income etc. The benefit of cluster sampling is that we can get heterogeneous mix of population. The sample we selected belonged to our hostels, institute, and local residents and we divided it into clusters accordingly. Regarding the information relating to the company profile we took the help of internet.

The research was carried out to find out the correlation between customer preference and market share for Nokia in Delhi NCR region. The study projects that more and more youth are interested in purchasing the Nokia handsets due to it’s range of products, Availability, durability and user friendliness., and also due to the company’s continuous effort of time and money in research and development. The research is an attempt to identify the factors that the company must keep in mind to reach the top position in the market and gain the maximum market share. This research would provide necessary information to Nokia...
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