Why Nicholas Ii Fell from Power

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  • Published : November 3, 2005
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March 14 1917, Nicholas II fell from power, there was lots of reasons but my three main reasons are; The State of the Army and how they weren't ready for war, The Role of the Duma and how they wanted the Tsar out of power, and Rasputin how he had control over Nicholas's wife

Rasputin was a peasant from Siberia, he was a holy man that clamed he had the power to heal the sick and predict the future. This came in handy when he found out that the Tsar's son Alexis has hemophaelia, that's a disease which won't let your blood clot and so if you get cut or something you could die. When Rasputin was invited to the place for dinner he showed Alexandra (the tsar's wife) his powers by healing one of Alexis's cuts. This gave Rasputin complete control over Alexandra. Years went by and Rasputin had became the Tsars Chief adviser, he now had control over

and rumors were made about Rasputin and Alexandra was having an affair. Cartoon posters were made of this and spread around Russia, this angered the Tsar so he had heaps of printing companies shut down and people killed, this just started more rumors. When war broke out the Tsar went and fought with his men, he left his wife in charge and she put Rasputin in a hire position up with her. This started even more rumors and the people really didn't like a Siberia and a German running the country, especially since Russia was at war with Germany. Then Rasputin fired the Chief of transport and the Chief of stock, leaving lots of people stranded and hungry. The Tsar didn't know anything about this until he left the battle, Alexandra didn't know much about this either, the people thought it was the Tsars fault and blamed him. This caused even more problems, so Rasputin's death was arranged. He was invited to a dinner party with Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and Prince Felix Yusupovsky, they feed him poisoned food, the shot, then and then his hands and legs were bonded and they through he into a river where he died of drowning. That...
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