Why Napoleon Is Bad: A Speech

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  • Published : November 22, 2012
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Hello comrades, today right this second, I am supporting Snowball because he is not a thieving liar, a pig of trust and a pig with honor. He is the real pig behind the farm; not Napoleon. He has saved many animals during the Battle of Cowshed and he too shed blood. Napoleon, he is the real liar he has done nothing contributing to the leadership of the society! He is the traitor and not Snowball because he is the one with the ideas and with his heart so bright; brighter than the sun. His heart so pure, the purest even.

And we have Napoleon. His heart so dark and evil it almost conceals him and no light can even be seen in his heart. We cannot trust this man of hell. He is the fake leader of this movement, he is not kind, he will never careless about the animals and he will never be pure of heart because he is consumed by the evil within him the greed, the thirst for power, the abuse of power he has acquired. He will have a tongue of lies which god may even curse and a life full of sin ahead of him.

I do not encourage the leadership of Napoleon. In stead I would let Snowball a true believer take on the challenge because I feel that he who is pure at heart will be our leader and not a pig with a thirst for too much power. And when either takes over who shall be the one? My guess is simple. Snowball the Great Leader. He is the one who fought bravely for the animals, the one who loves the animals to heart’s content! He is not a coward, not an idiot and down to earth and he deserves your support and he does not deserve Napoleon to backstab him! He is the very best of his league the very best strategist. The animals are not doing this for fun! They are doing it for the sake of their society everything they do is for them and they deserve a leader like Snowball. They deserve better! They deserve the intellectual Snowball he always looked at other ways to solve problems and never failed!

He is the chosen one. He is the one who will lead for the future. He is...
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