Why My Grandparents Saved My Life

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Prison Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Joe Smith
Professor Smith
English 1301.14
7 December 2012
Why my Grandparents saved my life
As I draw closer to middle forties in age, I realize now more than ever that my Grandparents saved my life, by instilling responsibility, hope and determination in my character and life values. My Grandfather, without ever pointing it out or teaching me a “lesson”, showed me by his actions that responsibility for yourself and the people that surround you are of the highest qualities in life. He showed me that life is full of tough decisions and bridges we must cross, whith a constant display of the high moral and ethical standards he set for himself, and expected nothing less from myself. A very gently man, he knew when discipline needed to be enforced and always sought out appropriate and fitting punishment when I strayed off course in my rebellious youthful years. Taking responsibility for my own actions gave me a clear direction that the decisions I make in life be not made hastily, and that I will ultimately account for my actions as an outcome, fallout or victory. Hope was another of the great lessons learned from my Grandparents, but specifically from my Grandmother. My Grandmother endured many tough and life changing challenges in her life, from social trials during the depression, to family issues with her children, health problems and many paths of turbulence in between. Through all her trials however, she never lost hope, and always knew that she had been down a tougher trail previously and made it to the end. She always kept in mind that there was a better life waiting for her in the future, yet never expected anything more than the simple things in life. She always held out hope, and saw it as a good thing, that sometimes hope is all you have in your pocket and it was enough to get you through the day. As strong as the values of responsibility and hope were a part of my upbringing, they were trumped by the principles of determination. I...
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