Why Music Should Not Be Taken from Our School Day

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Why Music is Important!!!
Why were lullabies invented? They soothe children and calm their reactions to stress. This in turn reduces the stress in the entire family. Over time, children memorize lullabies and start to sing them. Music is often a huge part of childhood. A toy piano, drums, xylophones and guitars are favorite toys for children. Parents and grandparents should encourage children to experience music. A great way to do this is to provide toy instruments to the children. These don't have to be expensive.

Children can play and enjoy their own music. While they may not develop professional talent, they will gain an understanding of music that will help them relax in the future. As they get older, consider music lessons. Qualified instructors can teach children how to play the piano, a skill that they can use for life. Your child's school may have a music or band program. Check out all of the available options that will give a musical education to children. There may be an old instrument in the family somewhere. Ask around. Do you have musicians as friends? They may have an unused instrument that they are will to part with. If you are creative, you'll find an appropriate instrument for you child. With it, they can truly expand their musical abilities. If they are lucky, their school may still have a vibrant musical program that they can join.

It's a sad fact that in these days of budget pressures for schools, early funding victims are often music programs. This is usually due to the lack of perceived direct benefit from music. This is unfortunate because while music students don't earn sponsorship dollars from their activities, they bring calmness and civility to the school. This is a direct, positive influence on the music students and to those students exposed to the sounds. With the reality of budgets, it is more important than ever that parents advocate for music funding in schools, that they provide musical avenues to their children themselves and that they encourage and support more live performance music where ever it is available in their communities.

Musical appreciation comes best through the playing of an instrument to a degree that far surpasses mere listening to iTunes. To give children a chance to calm down, it is important to instill musical appreciation from a young age. Your child doesn't have to be a musical prodigy, they just have to enjoy music for their own pleasure. Children who love music will often surprise you with their ability. Give them a chance to show what they can do. Keep emphasizing that music is fun.

Obviously parents and grandparents support music for children. This lens has been liked over 200 times. It has also received dozens of fabulous comments in the sections below. This is great news. Make sure that you follow through with your support by getting the children involved in music. Talk to them about your passion for music. Find a nice instrument that they want to play. Encourage them to sing. Volunteer to help school music programs.

Music as a Career
Many children find that they can translate their love of music into a career. This is obviously a difficult, and rare, undertaking. The book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladstone says that 10,000 hours of practice are required to become an expert at something. The Beatles did it back in 1964. The "Fab 4" became rich with their music. Talent is required, but so is dedication. Without encouragement, however, your child is not likely going to work in the music industry. That and luck. If they want to try, beware of the difficulties, but help them.

The Internet has completely changed the music industry, although the big publishing companies don't like to admit it. New artists can publish and promote their own work and be incredibly successful. There are funding opportunities for albums or concert tours. Publishing to the web offers various revenue streams. An incredible demand for new material always exists. Budding...
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