Why Move to Austin, Texas? - Essay

Topics: Austin, Texas, Texas Longhorns, Keep Austin Weird Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Why move to Austin, Texas?
Goodbye high school, and welcome to the real world. You may have been spending a couple of years wondering what you’re going to do after high school. Were you going to go to college, or take a year off and work? We all know how teenagers think, their ready to move out and be on their own, do things that they want to do. Well why not try that somewhere else, New York? California? Why not Austin, Texas? Young adults around the ages 18 and 21 should move to Austin, live life on their own, and experience a place they have never seen before. Austin isn’t like any other place; these austinite’s do things their own unique way.

Living on your own, and moving to a place you’ve never been before, is probably the hardest thing. You have to worry about getting a job, a place to live, school if that’s what you’re choosing to go there for, and meeting new people. Well I can tell you that Austin has all of that. Yes the saying “Keep Austin Weird” might have you wondering, but trust me austinites know how to have a good time.

The best fit for this age group on finding a place to live would be an apartment. Austin apartments are unique, and have different styles for different people. For the young I believe downtown apartments are more home fitting, walking distance to places, and you get to know Austin more. But if you’re not into the city living, Austin does have some great apartments outside the city. You will still be close to the city, but also see more of Austin besides downtown. All of Austin’s apartments are very reasonable; I believe they are way cheaper then any other state. Compared to a $3,000 apartment in California, apartments in Austin will the battle.

With finding places to live you have to have money to pay for it. The next best thing is finding the perfect job. Some people may say Austin is the worst place to find a job, but it really isn’t. At this age you’re not yet titled to have that office job, or be a business person...
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