Why Mother Should Work

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  • Published : October 21, 2011
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Women nowadays have almost equal right with the opposite gender. In the past, the mentality of Malaysian only allowed the women to work only at home. As time passed, women have gain more rights as the mentality of Malaysian changed and with the recommendation of the Malaysian government has helped women in Malaysia to be more independent. I believe that mothers nowadays should work and below are my reasons. Firstly, the advantage of mothers working means the house will have more disposable income, having more disposable income means that more money is available to be spent on things that can make life more confortable such as a house, a car and other necessities that are needed in this modern world. More income also can make a lot of difference in a house in terms of food, electrical appliances, and many more. Secondly, if the mothers work, they have freedom to make independent financial choices with their own money. Having the freedom to buy anything without having to ask from the bread winner for money is essential especially for paying the bills, buying ingredients for cooking, even for self-luxury things such as mobile phones, handbags, car fuel and many more. They will also have more money for spontaneous purchases such as for celebrations even in emergency situations. Thirdly, if the mothers are working, they will have more freedom to have a life outside the boundaries of a home. By having a live outside a home, the mothers are able to meet new people and make new friends that can help them during emergencies. Also by having a job, the risk of being undervalued by the society dramatically decreased because they looked more independent and have financial support if family breakdown occurs. However, there are also disadvantages of a mother working. For example, they will have less time for domestic duties around the house. They also have less time for themselves and their families as more attention and time needed by...
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