Why More People Eat Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Cooking Pages: 2 (890 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Fast Food
In our American society today where waking up early each morning to get ready for work has becoming a very huge part of our daily life, we realize that people are becoming more busy even to the point of becoming lazy since they barely have any time to cook for themselves or for their families and therefore, this has lead to the increasing number of fast food restaurants everywhere we go. Pick McDonalds, Subways and Wendy’s for example; there is no corner you will step that you wouldn't end up seeing their sign because all this fast food are very cheap, very convenient and they taste really good and therefore explains why more people eat fast food this days. In a society where money has become a very big financial problem to many people especially family, eating fast food majority of the time will help them save some money because it is very cheap. Many people will prefer eating at fast food restaurant much cheaper than eating at other restaurant because at a fast food restaurant, a person can get a full meal with less than ten dollars but at a fancy restaurants, ten dollars can only get you a beverage and nothing more people to eat fast food without even thinking about the health problems. Even though eating fast foods are very unhealthy, most people will prefer that over going to buy groceries for cooking because it is very cheap and saves a person more money but it can sometimes be healthy just eating a home cooked food depending on what you prefer to eat. More people today tend to eat more fast food rather than home cooked food because it is very convenient. We no longer live in a society where we wake up early in the morning to make breakfast for ourselves because we do not have enough time due to our busy schedule so therefore, making a quick stop at a local fast food restaurant will help us get our day started. The time limit we have when it comes to taking a break at work or at school these days has become very...
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