Why Millenials Need to Read More

Topics: Generation Y, Generation X, Writing Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Christina Coles
Mr. Branson
Eng. 111 MWF 11-11:50
Extra Credit: Please add extra credit pts. towards the “Annotated” assignment that I missed, thank you. Why Millenial’s Need to Read More and How Can We Inspire Them to Do So In the essay “The New Bibliophobes” the author, Mark Bauerlein wrote “With the advent of the Digital Age teens have more diversions at hand than they did before”. That statement is just one of the statements that Mark Bauerlein has written along with statistics that supports his argument about teenagers and young adults of Generation Y do not read. Although he has the facts he doesn’t have the solutions. I have to admit that motivating this generation into reading this” late in the game” is almost impossible. Millenials do have so many diversions to keep them from actually reading a book but there are a few ways that could possibly get Generation Y motivated into reading such as having a book reading contest at school, starting a “book of the month club” and a “chat room” book club. As important as reading is readers would have to implement innovative measures to entice non-readers. There is another motivator that will get Gen Y wanting to read and that is curiosity. I use to be an avid reader and since my life has become a lot more hectic now that I am attending college I find it hard to find the time to relax and enjoy a good book. I do still watch television. I really enjoy watching the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel and they really have some very good programs that come on. They are very educational, as well. When there is a good subject that comes on I watch it and then my curiosity impedes me even more and I will “Google” the subject and find reading material on it. I may not pick up a book and actually read it but I still read voluntarily, I just pick and choose what I believe is important for me to know. Just like Gen Y does. Mark Bauerlein wrote about the “caller” from the...
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