Why Men Cheat

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Whitt, April
May 18, 2012
Why Men Cheat

I.Some men are trifling
A.)Men do dirty things while in a committed relationship
B.) Men want to fit-in

II.Some men are mack-daddies
A.)Men lie to other women
B.) Men tease women heads up

III.Some men crave sexual “variety”
A.)Men want sex from other women
B.) Their wife/girlfriend is not getting all of their attention

Thesis Statement: Because men are trifling, mack-daddies, and crave sexual “variety”, they think they can cheat.

It’s hard to find a good man these days. These men are always trying to get over a good woman, but we are smart and know the game. Back in my parent’s day, I think trifling men existed, but not like they do today. The game has been perfected and men have tried to make it harder. There are three categories of men: The Nobody’s, The Somebody’s, and The Nobody’s trying to get to Somebody status. The Nobody’s are men that don’t care about trying to do better in life. The Somebody’s are the men who can be put on a program to success. The Nobody’s that are trying to get to Somebody status are the “rejects”. This is the ugly one in the crew. Men want to fit-in too much. The reason why men cheat is as follows: they’re trifling, want to be a “mack-daddy”, and they crave sexual “variety”; consequently they are wrong.

Men are so trifling. They will do the dumbest things and lie about the stupidest things while committed to a relationship. It is not hard to stay faithful to your woman. Trifling men always seem to mess over the good women for the bad ones. As author Clarissa D. Wright says, “men want to fit-it”. They want to show out in front of their home boys bragging about their affairs with different other women while married. When you catch them in action they want to lie about it and tell us sweet things. When they see that we are serious and are going to leave they do everything they can do to get us back. One...
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