Why Marriages Last or Fail

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  • Published : March 8, 2006
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Firstly, one of the most common reasons why marriages fail is that people will not listen to one another to seek understanding. In today's society there are very few good listeners in the world. After marriage, people think that they already know everything about their spouse, when in fact; they could know just the opposite. Two spouses must always keep a form of communication with each other. If a person begins to fail to listen to the other; the other person could think that the other is cheating, thus, the start of conflict and the unfortunate end of a marriage. "Some marriages fail, some succeed, and some just seem to linger along somewhere in between" (3.). A man and a woman join together in union to spend the rest of their lives in happiness and eternal bliss. Unfortunately, not all marriages are in perfect bliss; many are annulled by the church. At least 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Many factors determine why the divorce rate in this country is so high and does not seem to come to a decline anytime soon.

Speaking of cheating; loyalty is a very big issue concerning marriages. A very high reason for the fifty percent of marriage failures is the lack of loyalty between the man and the woman. Obviously, when the person said that they would take care of one another and to love at the wedding chapel they were not telling the truth.

Secondly, the change of what someone is used to is a big factor. For a person to move away from their home and to get comfortable to a new home could be very difficult. This could leave to nervous tensions and irritability; thus, tough situations in a marriage. A newly wed couple should find a place that they should find comfortable for them. A large factor that could contribute to why marriages fail is economics. Money could mean the difference between love and hate. It is sadly possible for a woman or man to only love the other because of the size of their wallet. A marriage...
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