Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

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  • Published : November 22, 2005
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Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal
In today's society the topic of the legalization of marijuana is a very controversial subject. There are many who believe that this substance should be made legal because the government could save money by taking the drug out of the hand of criminals and making more room in jail cells for more severe crimes. There are also strong supporters that believe that there are many harmful effects from chronic use of marijuana. There are many problems, social and physical, that are effects from using marijuana. Due to the negative effects from this substance, the use of marijuana is and should remain illegal in the United States.

Society today has many troubles, by making marijuana legal it would bring about even more social problems. Legalizing marijuana would send messages to children that taking other substances is "okay." It would also lead them to believe that there would be no harm to come from taking substances similar to and including marijuana. In How to Talk to Your Kids About…, the author Lynne S. Dumas states that a national study shows most children now are trying marijuana by the age of 12 years old, if it were made legal imagine how young children would start using. Another study showed that students lose their ambitions and goals, and are most likely to drop out of school when they are using marijuana.(Schleichert,25) According to Schleichert, "most experts have come to the conclusion that the consistent use of this drug deters a persons ability to learn and to develop the skills necessary to lead a productive life."(35)

Children would also lose the authoritarian figure of parents if they see those taking drugs. Because marijuana when smoked on a daily basis or in large amounts, causes lose of short-term memory and lose of concentration, parents would not be able to perform as expected for the standards of parental guardians. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study where the authors found...
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