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Why Malaysia Student

By | April 2011
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Saturday, December 15, 2007
STUDENTS' performance in English medium subjects are still weak and a cause for concern, despite the rise in the total percentage of students passing the Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (PSR) exam for entering the secondary school.

This was said by Hj Mustapha Hj Matahir, the assistant managing director of Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, regarding the performance of students who attended Yayasan's Tuition Class Project.

The project is under the foundation's Educational Intervention Programme (PIP), coordinated by its Volunteer Unit. 

The project was attended by 83 primary six students from Kg Bolkiah A and Kg Bolkiah B, who came from 10 different government schools.

Out of this total, 52 students or 67.47 per cent of them managed to pass the PSR exam, in which 12 of them recorded at least one grade 'A' in their results.

"This percentage actually increased compared to the previous year's achievement of 56 per cent (of passes)," said the assistant managing director.

Speaking during a thanksgiving and prize presentation ceremony for excellent students yesterday at the Yayasan shopping complex in the capital, he said that most of the students had difficulty mastering English, which in turn affected their passing rate in subjects using English as the medium, such as Science and Mathematics.

"To deal with this, the committee and the teaching staff of the project will be discussing with the Ministry of Education in planning a suitable strategy," said Hj Mustapha.The tuition class project was the first phase of the PIP for primary school students, targeted especially for those who would be sitting for the PSR Examination. Hj Mustapha elaborated that the target audience were children who came from financially under-privileged families.

"For those who failed, Yayasan will continue to ensure their success for the re-sit, scheduled to take place on January next year, by continuing with their...

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