Why Lincoln Freed the Slaves

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Abolitionism Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Why Lincoln Freed The Slaves
There are many factors why former president Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. I believe it was for economic reasons. Most Americans think that the reason Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves is because he was an abolitionist or because he was against slavery. The reason he freed the slaves was mainly for economic reasons. During the beginning of the civil war the north wasn’t looking so good. He tried to implement a policy of emancipation but was unsuccessful. He then started to think about a proclamation. Freeing slaves had some benefits. Lincoln knew that the southern economy was based on slavery and abolishing slavery in the north would destroy the southern economy. Also, a proclamation would start the support for the war among northern abolitionists. The freed slaves could also be recruited into the union army for the desperate need for more soldiers because not very many people were being recruited.

Because Lincoln knew that abolishing slavery in the north would kill the southern economy, it was just one reason why he enacted the emancipation proclamation. If he enacted the emancipation in the north, many slaves would be trying to escape there. He knew that the southern economy was based on slavery so if the slaves left to the north side, there would be few to do all the labor and responsibilities. In fact, the slaves made up nearly a third of the southern population. In the North, the economy was based on factories and wages. The South had large plantations, which grew cotton and the plantation owners needed the slaves to pick the cotton. Many southerners who did not own slaves even agreed that the southern economy would collapse without slaves because the slaves did most of the work.

A lot of people thought the war was going to end quickly but they were wrong. Another reason president Lincoln enacted the emancipation proclamation was to encourage slaves to join the union army. Many of the northern slaves could be recruited...
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