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Why Leave Florida?

By | April 2009
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Kelly Henriques
Professor Zuromski
ENC 1101 Essay #3
21 February 2009
Why Leave Florida?
Who would really want to leave the sun, fun and relaxation of Florida for Alaska? My Manager, would be the answer to that question, but I really don’t want to see him leave. He would have to pick up and move him and his whole family almost 5,000 miles away to be at his ideal destination, Alaska. I keep asking my self, why anyone would want to leave the Florida, the sunshine state, for the dark days and cold freezing nights of Alaska. What does he know that I don’t?

Leaving the sunshine state for Alaska could be a big decision for anyone that loves lying on the beach soaking up the rays, because the average high is forty-two degrees Fahrenheit in Alaska.(Weatherbase) Although there is about 33,000 miles of coast line the weather will probably never be warm enough to take a swim. (“Population Estimates.”) The average high in Alaska (42 degrees) is lower than the average low in Florida by nine degrees Fahrenheit,(Weatherbase) Making Alaska a bone chilling state to live in. It would be easy for him to stay out of the rain considering the average inches in rain is 15.7 per year compared to Florida’s 50.6 inches.(Weatherbase) The changeling part will be to stay out of the snow, at and average of 69.5 inches of snow per year in Alaska he has a more likely chance of staying out of the rain in Florida than staying out of the snow in Alaska. How could he give up all the fun in the sun for a coat and a few feet of snow? Could he be saving money by moving so far away? Although the average annual pay in Alaska is greater than the average annual pay in Florida, so is the cost of living. On average Alaskans make $35,707.00 annually in Florida the average annual pay is $28,781.00.(“Cost of living.”) On a state average people in Alaska make more but they also spend a lot more on everyday essentials like food, traveling, and of course clothing to keep them warm. The Consumer...

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