Why It Is Important to Further a Person Education and Build a Career to Make a Better Life.

Topics: High school, Dropout, High school diploma Pages: 3 (1368 words) Published: October 30, 2011
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Why it is Important to Further a person education and build a career to make a better life. There are some people, who make it in life without a valuable education, but it is much more important to have an education and further it for a person’s career and he or she’s life in general. This is stated because it is harder to build a career without an education than it is with one. Doing without an education can be one of the biggest challenges in a persons life and may turn out to truly be an experience that most are not willing to undergo. It is better stated than said that being a high school graduate gets a person further in life than being considered a high school dropout does even though some high school drop outs still turn out to be rich and famous. Finishing school and becoming a high school graduate can help a person get better jobs, and with furthering their education they can sometimes become idolized. There are several ways to continue an education after graduating whether it is trade school, online education, a tradition university or community college, and technical schools. With all of these ways there are careers that these schools teach someone and help the build that specified educational goal. Most people are better off graduating and furthering their education, than dropping out of school and naturally becoming less fortunate than others tend to be. Being able to further his or her education tends to be hard and expensive but the outcome is worth a lot more than just wishing one would have. For some people it is hard to make it in this world without having a high school diploma or GED. Without a high school diploma or G.E.D. also known as the General Educational Diploma; getting a job is even harder. Sometimes while a person is still in school (High school) for some at least it is still one of the biggest challenges to find or get a job. Finding work or getting a job is so important because of four things; financial security,...
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