Why Is a the Initial Consultation so Important

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Why Is a the Initial Consultation so Important

By | May 2012
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‘Why is the initial consultation so important?’

What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?


Why is the initial consultation so important? This first meeting between therapist and client is probably the most crucial meeting of the whole process of therapy – why – because it will form the basis of the therapy. At this meeting the therapist will gather information about the client and this will begin from the moment the client walks through the door. The main objective of this meeting is to establish if the client is suitable for this type of therapy and if there is a satisfactory therapeutic fit. This initial meeting is as important for the client as it is for the therapist and it’s important that the therapist instils a feeling of confidence and trust (rapport) that can be built upon over the coming months. We have learned in previous modules that we are all individual and that there is no prescribed ‘one size fits all’ induction and therapy. Therefore, everything that can be learned initially is of importance and the first session’s goal is to discover the best route of therapy for the client making it as individual as they are.

This initial session will often be free and therefore relatively short. The type of information the therapist will gather is:

o Personal date i.e. name (including how the client prefers to be addressed i.e. nickname; address and contact details (permission to use these); o Occupation – both current and previous (a lot can be learned from the type of occupation a client has i.e. lone worker, people centred role etc; o G.P. name and surgery;

o Medical History including any medications, health issues or addictions; o Relationship status – married/single/divorced, children (names & ages); and long term relationship breakdowns; o Childhood – brief description of their childhood e.g. happy, unhappy, average; were there any issues that still concern them; o Hobbies...

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