Why Is Writing so Difficult for Me

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Why Is Writing So Difficult For Me
Writing and English has always been my worst subject all throughout my school years. As we all know to be a good writer you have to use proper grammar and that right there is where my problem is when it comes to writing.  I guess you can say it started from when I was growing up a kid. All the kids had to talk to my grandma in Spanish not English. If we talked to her in English we would get in trouble, so I did as the other kids did and that was talk Spanish.

In elementary school they were teaching me English and when I say teaching me, I mean they were teaching me. I had speech and reading class to help me as well.  In first grade they told my parents that I had to learn English and I could not speak Spanish. If I didn't learn it I was not going to be able to move to the second grade. Yes, you can say I had a lot to learn in so little time. I did what I had to do, I promised myself I was never going to talk Spanish ever again and I didn’t.

By making that choice you can say my grandma was highly upset with me. I told her I had to do what I had to do. It’s a shame, something that was part of my culture and that I knew so well, was in a way taken away from me.  I say that, because at that time I only knew Spanish and with them telling me I cannot speak it well I didn’t.  I felt by me living in the United States, I had to speak English no matter what.  It took a minute for me to learn it more than others but I was trying and as we know proper English makes your writing.  You have to know where to put the periods, semi colons, and not use run on sentences, make sure your words have the proper Capitalization and etc., just because it’s the proper thing to know. I know my English is not good. I know my writing is not good either. The way I write is the way I talk and as we all know my English is not the best. 

Going into high school we had it where if we did not miss any days in school we did not have to take the...
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