Why Is There Religious Intolerance in Pakistan

Topics: Islam, Sharia, Muhammad Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Pakistan is known in the international community and declared in the country’s Constitution as an Islamic nation where Islam is glorified as the superb religion and its followers are pious Muslims. There is no doubt that Islam teaches tolerance, love, respect for other religions, and that life and death are in the hands of Allah. The killing of any human being is forbidden and in the Quran it is the highest form of sin. But how Islam is defined in practice is yet a big question in Pakistani society. In the absence of any clear definition about the implementation of Islam a strong perception has been widely spread that it can be implemented only through violence and exemplary punishment to those who do not properly follow its precepts. Saudi Arabia, being the role model of Shariah and a real Islamic country, demonstrates its commitment where on every Friday by handing down death sentences that are then carried out by beheading of serious criminals who committed murder etc. At the same time, thieves have their hands removed. The Muslim fundamentalists, their militant organisations, the military governments and right wing political parties of Pakistan have been trying to replicate the Islamic model of Saudi Arabia which has generated an atmosphere of intolerance and violence by punishing ordinary people in the name of Islam. The gross misuse of blasphemy laws is one of the reasons society is turning into a killing field. Virtual anarchy rules in the country and total chaos is not far behind. The absence of the rule of law and a weak criminal justice system allows the increasing religious intolerance where the religious groups, with the help of the mushrooming growth of Madrassas and mosques are enforcing their own tailored Islamic laws by killing, attacking, forcibly converting non-Muslims to Islam. The reason for intolerance in our society is not single one. There are many factors. In the present scenario, the main reason of this problem is involvement and...
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