Why Is the Sky Blue

Topics: Feeling, Sibling, Emotion Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 18, 2012
The Long Good-Bye
Mother’s day in federal prison.
1. How would you describe Coyne’s point of view in this piece? Detached or involved? Insider or outsider? How does her point of view affect your perception of the federal prison for women that she writes about in this piece?

My perception of Coyne’s viewpoint is the following; mothers in this particular setting truly cherish even the most simplistic gift given to them by their child (like a single flower), most importantly these mother’s cherish their loved one’s specially their children. Coyne’s believes that some of the inmates dedicate their unoccupied time to elaborate dresses, sweaters, to arrange their hair, put make-up on, in fact Coyne see’s hand made accessories on these women. These women do this and more so there love one’s see them the best possible way. While Coyne observes around the visiting room of the federal prison, she imagines these women in a whole different setting. In particularly Coyne’s see’s a different life for “Stephanie”, a life where Stephanie finishes’s her community college and spends more time with her son. But instead of this fictional reality, “Stephanie” is in prison and her son is not by her side. Coyne notices that “Ellie” “Stephanie” son, is a bitter and defiant boy; a boy that is clearly hurting and rebelling for his life situation. Coyne see’s the impotent feeling that “Stephanie” has when having knowledge of the things her young son is capable of.

In my point of view, Coyne is detached of the setting around her and even detached of her feelings towards her sister.
She is an outsider, in this particular point in time; this is clear to me when she mentions that her brother is sitting next to her and her younger sister. Even though her brother is sitting next to her, she is only able to see that a women got near him and they are having a conversation; while Coyne once again is distracted by all the action in the federal prison visiting room.

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