Why Is the Mind/Body Problem Indeed a Problem?

Topics: Philosophy of mind, Consciousness, Mind Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Why is the mind/body problem with philosophy of mind and consciousness studies indeed a problem?

The mind and body is the same thing. The mind is nothing but neural states. The mind is the human consciousness related to thought, perception, emotion, will, memory and imagination. Our neural states are actions related to our nerves or nervous system. Four basic claims in this position paper lead to this conclusion. These are, the argument from simplicity, the idea of topic neutral, Type identity theory and the theory of zombies. Identity theories fail to follow Leibniz’s law, therefore some philosophers believe that identity theory is false. In this position paper I will show why Leibniz’s law is not provable at all times and why the mind and brain (body) are the same entity.

The first claim I would like to make is relating to the argument from simplicity. The general idea of the argument from simplicity is that mental states are identical to neural states. In this argument I will be referring to ‘identical to’ as ‘the same thing’. I would like to start this argument with noting that there is evidence that mental functions and neural functions work together. Place first came about this theory. Place claimed that sensations and things alike may just be processes in the brain. Place used the analogy of “Lightning is a motion of electric charges” as a standpoint in his arguments and to try and explain why our mental and neural functions work together as one identity. Another analogy used is “H2O is water”. When water was first discovered it was nothing more than water, but as science as moved forward we’ve discovered that water is a chemical reaction of H2O. This relates back to the mind body problem as we are yet to discover our mind, but it can be like the water problem, it is nothing more than a chemical reaction in our brain.

A counter-claim to the identity theory is the argument from the phenomenal properties of experience. This theory believes that...
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