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Why Is Soda Bad for You

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Why Is Soda Bad for You

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Phlebotomy:Eileen Moreno MAC

I am looking to obtain a position as a phlebotomist technician in my future career, where I can contribute my education and knowledge while advancing within the company I later find myself in.
Not only is this a study that interest me for many years, but a study that I had been able to recognize well attending summit career college to obtain my medical assistant license, where I was able to do blood draws from other students, it was than when I realized that I would be an assertive, ambitious, conscientious, responsible, phlebotomist any laboratory can recognize and be proud of including me in their team of expertise.

With my skills and abilities, I will and plan to be a great asset to the phlebotomy field.

Phlebotomist Eileen Moreno. MAC

My reason for choosing a phlebotomist as my career for the future is due to my mother who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the year of 2006. My mother was a very strong person and eager to fight for her life regardless of the trials she would have to face along the way, I would be the one who would transport my mother to her radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and never can I recall her complaining about how the treatments make her feel, but when the time came for me having to take her to get blood test done I can see nervousness in her eyes like a form of fear, as we got there I would remember her reminding the phlebotomist time after time how difficult it was to find her veins she would say if you’re not going to get it on your first try don’t even go in. I would sit there thinking to myself about everything else her body was going through and how she never would show that her treatments and the after effects from the chemo would bother her, but when it came to getting her blood drew it was as if it was the worst thing she would have to go through in her trials of cancer, so I would tell myself I wanted to be a phlebotomist so I...

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